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Al Perez, President & CEO, Amazing Computer ServiceAl Perez, President & CEO
Boardroom discussions today are loud and clear about the core business, but when it comes to the technology and IT being utilized within the organization, a professional debate ensues between the key interests of the CIO and CISO. The “Goldilocks balance” between performance and robust security continues to perplex organizations who are lost within the haziness of disparate systems and disjointed technology. Having understood this issue on a granular level, a company by the name, Amazing Computer Service (ACS) has taken its stand to provide businesses with an ability to enjoy ease-of-use and access to their applications, files, and networks, whilst striving to provide the lowest possible risk in the workplace environment. ACS’ proven capabilities in protecting networks from hackers, malware, vindictive employees, and everyday criminals, work in a way that does not impede the business activities.

Operating in the El Paso/Las Cruces area since 1989, ACS demonstrates expertise in understanding the length and breadth of the technology their customers already have in the organization, fusing a holistic view of the isolated systems with the security provided. The company engages newly onboarded customers with a discovery process, not just to understand the technology they have, but to better comprehend the workflow and processes. “We understand that the approach for network security varies widely for different businesses, so we perform a comprehensive initial study,” explains Al Perez, the president and CEO of ACS. Nevertheless, during implementation, ACS ensures that the customers have the comfort of working with a single, standardized security suite, eliminating the ambiguity of dealing with multiple firewalls, antiviruses, antispam, email encryption, and backup solutions.

While the encryption and FTP protocol security provided by ACS drive profound benefits in terms of secure access, Perez notes that the technology component is just table stakes for any provider in the market.

We understand that the approach for network security varies widely for different businesses, so we perform a comprehensive initial study

ACS differentiates itself through its documented processes, standardized technology, and most importantly, the level of service it provides to the customers. The team almost always has a copy of “The Compassionate Geek,” as a reminder that the technology may be sophisticated and advanced, but customer interactions are equally important, if not more. The team understands that the successful delivery of network security—or any form of IT service at large—depends on listening skills, empathy, and compassion. A fitting example of this philosophy came to light during the devastating thunderstorm in El Paso, which threatened to wreak havoc at the clinic owned by the well-known cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ozan Sozar.

Although the physical damage being substantial, what threatened Dr. Sozar’s clinic more was the potential loss of valuable patient data, since the IT systems were down during the storm. In what seemed like a move made by intuition, ACS was readily available to restore the backed-up data for the clinic in a matter of 24 hours. The team was on location to restore Dr. Sozar’s business in the quickest and most efficient way possible. “Amazing Computer Service’s team got along with my staff and worked closely with them, which is quite important to me,” recalls Dr. Sozer. The team even helped Dr. Sozer claim reimbursements from an insurance company for the damage caused by the storm to the clinic’s IT components.

The after-service customer surveys conducted by ACS corroborate the relationship shared by the company with its clients, estimating the customer satisfaction rate to be at over 95 percent. ACS also has an in-house technologist on board, who constantly keeps up with best-of-breed security tools in a purpose-driven and customer-focused manner. On the one hand, as they leverage evolving technology trends to suit business needs, ACS relentlessly supports its customers with reliable expertise and unwavering focus on service excellence on the other hand.